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Import commodity inspection, law review and check the difference between the three

[2011-02-22 09:50:23]

France seized the inspection and supervision of the above declaration refers to the condition that A (imports) or B (export) of goods, the declaration must be given to the Department when the Commodity Inspection Bureau of customs formalities.
    If there is no A or B, do not be a statutory inspection of goods. When not required to provide Customs Clearance Customs.
    Inspection, the correct meaning of the abbreviated inspection is part of job content Exit Inspection and Quarantine. But usually people in the industry for all import and export goods inspection and quarantine inspection will call it as fact, here the meaning of the inspection should be: animal and plant quarantine, commodity inspection, health inspection and quarantine the three.
    Any import and export of environmental goods have to do inspection, but is not necessarily a legal examination, it is very important, but also a lot of people confuse the inspection, the reasons for the concept of law review. Only the following conditions only need to practice examination of the goods (statutory test).
    1, directory practice requirements of the goods seized
    2, United States, Japan, Korea and EU goods
    3, proof of a specific tax relief goods
    4, the other needs legal examination of the goods
    Note: Only lists several commonly used.
    The inspection process: import commodity inspection purposes, "the first release customs clearance, inspection and quarantine after" principle.
    First, check to determine whether a law (statutory inspection) of the goods. (That is, to see whether declarations A)
    If not, do not exit when the note from customs. That is not a legal examination of the goods (statutory inspection) goods.
    If so, then you need to do to provide information to the CCIB inspection, commodity inspection staff provided written materials for review, according to written information on the description of the goods, to determine the need for site inspection of the goods. The project site inspection and quarantine of animals and plants usually, commodity inspection, health quarantine, the so-called three inspection (health inspection was also called dynamic). Issued by the Immigration and Customs Clearance, Customs Clearance by virtue of the customs declaration.
    If the inspection staff of the goods out, "site inspection", then after the customs clearance, will also need to check the goods to the CCIB inspection site designated sites to do that three inspection (dynamic sanitation inspection) was allowed after the goods shipped to the destination land.
    Export commodity inspection, and inspection of imports less the same, to see whether the declaration of the regulatory conditions that have B.